Ballistic sliding bomb shelter door


Flat blast resistant hatch
82 PSI pressure rating
Viewers and escape jack options

Flat blast hatch - closedAmerican Safe Room manufactures this flat blast hatch designed to be installed an underground shelter. It is a "flat" hatch, compared to our riser hatch, which features an integrated riser that can be ordered in custom heights to match the backfill depth of the shelter.

Flat hatch mounting slotsMounting slots
It is designed to be bolted down onto a shelter top with included concrete wedge anchors or welded to a steel shelter.

It features plasma cut mounting slots instead of round holes to allow movement in two directions for easy positioning on the wedge anchors.


Hatch blast lid certification82 PSI pressure rating
The blast lid is constructed from ASTM A-36 steel plate reinforced by stress resistant steel angle pieces. It is designed to withstand an 82 PSI blast load. This professional engineer's stamped certification is for the blast lid stiffeners.


Riser hatch openRotating cam latch
The inner cam latch is the same one we use on our blast doors. It draws the blast lid downward, compressing the EPDM seal on the frame lip and drawing the rain lip down over the riser.

Shown is the inside of a flat hatch. Note the lift strut on the left side with a duplicate strut anchors welded onto the right side so you can install it on whichever side is most convenient.


Hatch deadbolt assembly Deadbolt lock assembly
The heavy duty dead bolt lock assembly has an external steel screw on cap to keep it dry and out of sight. The deadbolt can be operated from the inside without the key.


Flat hatch hingeHinge assembly
The massive hinge assembly is the same one used on our blast doors. It features an inch and half steel pin, bronze bushings, and grease zerk's for ongoing lubrication.


Wide angle viewer optionOptional viewers
The flat hatch can be supplied with a UL fire rated wide angle viewer strategically mounted on each of the four walls. They are mounted six inches below the hatch. This gives you the ability to see what is directly around your hatch before opening it. The viewers are mounted in heavy duty inch and a half round steel rods that have been bored out, leaving three-eighths wall thickness. These mounts are inserted through the side wall of the riser and welded in place. When the viewer option is chosen, the height of the flat hatch increases by two inches. See the manual for more information.


Escape jack and internal ladderOptional escape jack
This 3 ton bottle jack can be deployed if debris falls on top of your hatch. In the stowed position, the top anchor is removed and it rotates down to nest behind the internal ladder. It must be rotated up into position before use - but you do not have to climb a ladder with a heavy bottle jack to affect emergency egress. The red jack is shown here in the deployed, extended position. On the flat hatch, the installer must locate and install the bottom jack anchor on a wall directly underneath the hatch. See the manual for more information.


Flat hatch strapped to a blast doorDelivery
The hatches are shipped by LTL freight. We can specify that the delivery truck has a drop gate so the delivery is on the ground exactly where you want it. You must ensure that there is adequate turn around room.

Shown is an older style flat hatch strapped to a single leaf blast door next to three other doors all going to a single shelter.


Easy opening

We size the lift struts to provide an easy opening – see the short video. Note how he has to lift the lid initially and then the lift struts take over. The lift struts also keep the hatch open at just over 90 degrees.


Flat hatch on a marine refuge chamberThis is a flat hatch used as an emergency egress point in a refuge chamber for an offshore oil platform. They mounted it on a corrugated vertical wall.

Inside of flat hatch on a marine refuge chamberThis is the inside. Painted yellow and installed with some aluminum angle trim strips. A nice installation.


Custom hydraulic flat hatchCustom hydraulic flat hatch
This hatch was designed to go over an internal stairway. It features inside and outside controls and two cam latches.


Flat hatch - custom 48 inch lengthCustom 32 x 48 inch flat hatch
This hatch uses two cam latches and two lift struts.


Ballistic roof hatchCustom 36 x 36 ballistic roof hatch
This is a hatch we built for roof access of a high security facility. The customer wanted to locate and drill their own fasteners holes in the mounting flange and they had a pipe that needed to come through the wall of the frame so we welded in a threaded pipe coupler.

Ballistic roof hatchThe blast lid as well as the frame were fabricated from 3/8 inch ballistic plate to give UL 752 level 8 protection (must withstand multiple shots with 7.62 NATO ball). We used our hydraulic press brake to form the channel section frame and the rain lip on the blast lid.

We used two lift struts and since it was a roof access hatch, there was no need for the deadbolt lock. The hatch is secured inside with one of our rotating cam latches.


American Safe Room provides free air filtration and component blast protection shelter consultations. Contact our Sales Manager at 541-459-1806 or send a plan view drawing of your shelter to or FAX it to 503-212-6695.

Price, availability, and manual

Complete price sheet of all items (PDF)

      Item Flat blast hatch(32 x 32)
      Model number ASR-50-FBH-32
      Price each $1,950.00
        plus options and shipping
      Status Special order item
      Item Flat blast hatch(32 x 36)
      Model number ASR-50-FBH-36
      Price each $2,050.00
        plus options and shipping
      Status Special order item
      Item Flat blast hatch(32 x 38)
      Model number ASR-50-FBH-38
      Price each $2,150.00
        plus options and shipping
      Status Special order item


      see the manual for more information