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Sliding ballistic double doorA blast door is a door and frame that are engineered to resist the pressure and vacuum forces of a nearby detonation. A blast wave can have many phases - the incident shock, the reflected shock, the Mach stem, and finally, a negative pressure phase that pulls the door and frame outward and requires that a rebound load for the door is properly engineered. Be sure the safe room door you invest in comes with a professional engineer's certification that includes the rebound load!

The strongest door for your shelter
Our concrete filled single leaf blast door is shown here. It features a steel envelope door leaf with an open top that you fill with concrete after you install the door. The filled weight is 1,700 pounds. Our massive hinges feature oil impregnated bronze sleeve bearings and grease zerks that give it an opening force of only 20 pounds. The four inch thick concrete fill is impervious to attack by acetylene or plasma torches, let alone structural fires.

Professional engineer certification and excellent ballistic protection
This door is engineer certified for a three bar blast load (50 PSI) and one bar rebound load (14.5 PSI). It also is rated for beyond UL 752 level 8 ballistic protection - this includes all handgun rounds and goes up multiple his with the non-magnum 30 caliber rifle rounds. AR-15 and AK-47 rounds only make it about half way through this door!

Direct from the factory
American Safe Room manufactures these heavy duty doors and hatches that are designed to protect your shelter from detonations and malicious people. We have supplied our steel envelope concrete filled blast doors to Aberdeen Test Center (Proving Ground), Naval Station Point Magu, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Space X, Blue Origin, and ten different nuclear power generation plants. Prices start at just $3,875.



The most options and sizes
The frame is either bolted on the existing wall or poured in place, becoming part of the wall. The options include an integrated differential pressure gauge, assault resistant cam latches and wall capture brackets and four different threshold styles. See the single leaf blast door page for all of the options and prices.


Sliding ballistic double doorAny size you need
Our concrete filled blast doors are rated for a 3.4 (50 PSI) bar blast load with a 1 bar (14.5 PSI) rebound load, but we can increase these specs as needed. This a 44 by 108 inch blast door that was engineer certified for 9.7 bar (142 PSI).

We designed and built three of these doors for a hydroelectric substation. These doors featured outside operators so the cam latches can be latched or unlatched from either side of the door. The dry weight of these doors is 1,500 pounds for both the leaf and frame. After they were installed, the 8 inch thick door leaf was filled with concrete and the final leaf weight was 3,200 pounds.

Commercial and military applications
We have placed 21 missile resistant doors in seven nuclear power plants - see our custom door page for a list of these and other notable blast door installations.

Complete custom door solutions
Design and engineering with professional engineer stamped drawings and calculations that confirm the blast or missile load ratings. We normally use the calculations in UFC-340-02 for blast and rebound loads and BC-TOP-9A for missile strike loads.


Be sure and see this video showing the installation of a single leaf blast door:

Single leaf blast door installation video


Single leaf blast door - openThis is a 36 by 80 inch single leaf blast door designed to be bolted on a concrete bomb shelter or welded onto a steel shelter.

It features a steel envelope door leaf that is filled with concrete after it is installed. The dry weight of 650 pounds goes up to 1,700 pounds when filled. This is a lot of bullet and radiation stopping mass between you whatever is happening outside your shelter.

Note the additional cam latches on the hinge side of the door leaf. This is the assault resistant cam latch option that keeps the door in place if the massive hinges are attacked with a torch.


Door styles
Click on the picture or link to go to the specific product page. There are pictures, manuals, and prices on each of these pages:

60 CFM AC/DC Safe Cell NBC filterSingle leaf swinging blast door
50 PSI blast load rating
Bolt on or pour-in-place


60 CFM AC/DC complete systemDouble leaf swinging blast door
50 PSI blast load rating
Bolt on or pour-in-place


120 CFM AC/DC Safe Cell NBC filterRiser blast hatch
82 PSI blast load rating
Bolt on or pour-in-place


120 CFM AC/DC Safe Cell complete systemFlat blast hatch
82 PSI blast load rating
Bolt on or pour-in-place


60 CFM DC only Safe Cell NBC filterSingle leaf swinging ballistic door
UL level 8 ballistic protection
Bolt on or pour-in-place


60 CFM DC only Safe Cell NBC filterDouble leaf sliding ballistic door
UL level 8 ballistic protection
Bolt on installation


If you have an application that needs to protect from, or to contain a detonation or missiles, please contact our Sales Manager at 541-459-1806 or