Ballistic sliding bomb shelter door


Custom doors - blast, missile, or ballistic

Riser hatch - openAmerican Safe Room also manufactures custom doors for a wide variety of industrial and military applications. We offer complete design, engineering, and fabrication services.

Click on the links to see some of the custom doors we have built:

ARC Automotive - five 36 x 96 inch plate steel doors for airbag test cell
Peach Bottom Nuclear Generating Station - two large single leaf radiation doors
Ft. Wayne Metals - a 12 foot high double door for their foundry
General Electric - six double leaf doors for high pressure valve test cells
The Taiwan Navy - a powered plate steel door for a rocket motor test cell
BC Hydro - three 44 x 108 inch concrete filled blast doors
Los Alamos National Laboratory - a 36 x 80 inch blast door
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - two 40 x 86 inch blast doors

We also have designed and built some doors for customers who require discretion:

Five high security single leaf doors for an offshore gold mine repository
A large double leaf sliding ballistic door for a garage at a private shelter
A double leaf ballistic door for the gun room at a private safari ranch

Custom missile doors with load calculations
American Safe Room designed, engineered, and fabricated 21 missile resistant doors for the FLEX emergency equipment buildings at seven nuclear power plants. These equipment buildings are hardened structures that are mandated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. They contain generators, pumps, and other equipment that will be needed after a severe weather or terrorist event. Each power plant had an individual site survey that identified probably flying objects and each set of doors were designed to resist a spectra of missiles that the survey identified. American Safe Room's engineers submitted a drawing package that included professional engineer stamped missile resistance calculations using Betchel Power Corporation's BC-TOP-9A as basis for design. These calculations were approved by the engineer of record prior to our fabricating these doors:

July 2014 - Wolf Creek Nuclear Generating Station - four concrete filled missile doors
November 2014 - Callaway Energy Center - two concrete filled missile doors
December 2014 - St. Lucie Nuclear Plant - two concrete filled missile doors
March, 2015 - Perry Nuclear Generating Station - two concrete filled missile doors
June 2015 - Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station - two concrete filled missile doors
September 2015 - Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant - two plate steel missile doors
April 2016 - Callaway Energy Center - two plate steel missile doors
April 2016 - Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station - five plate steel missile doors

The protection these doors provide go way beyond standard storm doors. Here is a sample of the missile spectra we were provided to design doors to:

Missile  Weight in pounds  Horizontal velocity in feet per second 
Wood plank, 4” x 12” x 12” long  115  272 
Steel pipe, 6” diameter, schedule 40, 15’ long  286  170 
Steel rod, 1” diameter, 3’ long  167 
Utility pole, 13.5" diameter, 35’ long  1,123  180 
Steel pipe, 6” diameter, schedule 40, 15’ long  749  154 
Automobile, 16.4’ x 6.6’ x 4.3’  3,991  194 


Note the 35 foot long telephone pole that weighs over 1,100 pounds is moving at 180 feet per second (122 MPH) and the nearly 4,000 pound automobile is moving at 194 feet per second (132 MPH). These missiles have far more energy than the standard FEMA storm door test of a 15 pound 2 x 4 board moving at 146 feet per second (100 MPH).

If you have an application that needs protection from external or internal detonations or missile strikes, please contact our Sales Manager at 541-459-1806 or